President and CEO: Nancy C. Everitt, PMP

Nancy C. Everitt, BS, MBA, PMP is the founder of HEOPS, Inc. and serves as President/CEO and PMO Director.
Acknowledged for a results-oriented and resourceful style, Ms. Everitt has achieved recognition for her ability to resolve complex business issues via outsourcing solutions, governmental regulatory familiarity, revenue cycle, managed care, expedited network development and operations expertise.
Ms. Everitt is a recognized speaker at national Managed Care and Medicaid Managed Care conferences. She is the thought leader leading the charge on the nation’s first Home and Community Based Services Network (HCBS) which is designed to assist payors, providers and members with a comprehensive network resource for lowering long term care costs though lower acuity services.
Prior to founding HEOPS, Ms. Everitt served as corporate Vice President of Managed Care for a national, publicly traded hospital corporation.
Ms. Everitt is an R31 Tennessee Supreme Court Listed General Civil Mediator and is a shareholder in HEOPS, Inc.
  • HEOPS Corporate Team: President and CEO (Shareholder)
  • HEOPS Client/Service Team: Strategic Project Manager, PMO Director, Lead Strategist, Lead Negotiator, Compliance, Strategic Advisory Council

Senior Associate and Corporate Finance: Debra L. Cannon

Debra L. Cannon, CPA is a Senior Associate and Corporate Finance at HEOPS, Inc.
Ms. Cannon has a rich history is health plan operations as a CFO for a Blues plan, helped lead a behavioral health implementation and participated in the rehabilitation of a TennCare health plan prior to joining HEOPS.
Ms. Cannon serves as a Project Manager and SME on HEOPS Client engagements.
  • HEOPS Corporate Team: Corporate Finance
  • HEOPS Client/Service Team: Network Development, Project Management, Project Reporting, Strategic Advisory Council

Senior Project Manager: Nicole S. Bond, PMP

Nicole S. Bond, BS, CPAT, CCT, PMP is a Corporate Project Manager and member of the PMO Leadership Team at HEOPS, Inc. Ms. Bond has served as a project manager, process improvement coordinator, business analyst, consultant and subject matter expert for operational process enhancements and software requirements, educational development and healthcare compliance matters. An energetic change agent and tenacious problem solver, she is skilled at developing and implementing creative lean business processes that engage stakeholders and promote cultural awareness.
Prior to joining HEOPS, Ms. Bond served in numerous roles such as Compliance Officer, Senior Director of Operations and Director of Training for a national healthcare payment integrity vendor.
Ms. Bond is the Co-Founder of NOAH, the Network for Organizations Aligned in Healthcare.
  • HEOPS Corporate Team: Operational Project Manager, PMO Leadership Team
  • HEOPS Client/Service Team: Network Development, Project Management, Project Reporting, Strategic Advisory Council

Director of Customer Engagement (Internal/External):
Diana L Sellers

Diana Sellers is the Director of Customer Engagement at HEOPS, Inc.  She is a catalyst for high performing teams and managed the Top Ranking Team in a Call Center of 26 teams. She brings a customer centric focus to HEOPS, CENTIPEDE and our Clients in addition to key skills and processes to effectively engage customers and her own team.
Prior to joining  HEOPS,  Ms. Sellers led high performing teams for companies such as XEROX/ACS.
  • HEOPS Corporate Team: PMO Leadership Team
  • HEOPS Client/Service Team: Provider Engagement, Care Advisor Coaching

Director of HEOPS University: George Malo, PhD

George Malo, PhD is the Director of HEOPS University online.
Dr. Malo has an illustrious background in higher education and e-learning. He is focused on creating an online learning experience to assist HEOPS, our Clients and the greater healthcare industry in growth and mastery of managed care, negotiation, mediation, network adequacy and data analytics.
  • HEOPS Corporate Team: Education
  • HEOPS Client/Service Team: Training and e-learning


The only way around is through. — Robert Frost

Latest News:

“Cowboys vs. Scientists”: HEOPS Sponsors Innovative Network Contracting Congress in Las Vegas February 25, 2010 (Las Vegas, NV) Approximately 100 delegates from many of the nation’s top health plans and key provider organizations met in Las Vegas for the inaugural 2010 Network Contracting Congress on February 25, 2010. This premier network contracting event was organized by Global Media Dynamics and sponsored by HEOPS.

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