On behalf of the HEOPS Team, my name is Nancy Everitt and I would like to personally welcome or better yet, welcome you back to HEOPS’ online portal. The past few years have yielded some exciting changes, expansions, new opportunities and one of the most dynamic times in healthcare history.

We are very excited to announce the launch of CENTIPEDE Health Network. This is a transformative process to connect the dots for home and community based services for ALL Ages, ALL Americans, ALL Payors.
Growing the Pie for HCBS Providers
For some, this may be your first time to land on the HEOPS portal page and you may not know who HEOPS is, don’t worry you are not alone. HEOPS is a closely guarded secret for many of the nation’s best health plans. HEOPS powers success and is the most robust patient access company in the United States; however we have done a great job of staying under the radar outsourcing network operations services for health plans.

As my mother so eloquently asks me frequently “what exactly do you do?” In the past I replied, “we do complex things, really, really fast”. At this point her eyes would glaze and the conversation was over.

Now I say “we create access to healthcare for people who need it the most and help people live their best life possible through access to the right care providers”. The response is much better.

  • HEOPS build networks of hospitals and physicians in 30-90 days so that health plans can meet critical network adequacy deadlines.
  • HEOPS launches call centers in 24 hours or less so that health plans can start up operations without delay.
  • HEOPS mails provider mailings fast including weekends when other mail houses are closed so that precious days are not wasted due to bureaucracy.
  • HEOPS provides contract administration with no document loss, so that you never have to go back to a provider for a lost contract.
  • HEOPS provides network analysis and data analytics so that we know exactly the status of network adequacy and what is left – no guess work, just the facts.

My favorite phrase is “when you can’t afford to fail, choose HEOPS”. Enjoy the site; share with us any thoughts you may have on improvement!

Warm regards,

Nancy C. Everitt, MBA, PMP
President & CEO, HEOPS, Inc.



The time is always right to do what is right. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Latest News:

“Cowboys vs. Scientists”: HEOPS Sponsors Innovative Network Contracting Congress in Las Vegas February 25, 2010 (Las Vegas, NV) Approximately 100 delegates from many of the nation’s top health plans and key provider organizations met in Las Vegas for the inaugural 2010 Network Contracting Congress on February 25, 2010. This premier network contracting event was organized by Global Media Dynamics and sponsored by HEOPS.

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