HEOPS offers call center staffing on a full time or project basis for network development, provider Single Case Agreements commonly referred to as SCA are one time agreements between a health plan/payor/third party administrator and a healthcare provider.

SCA are typically negotiated at the time of care. Often due to out of network access or other situations that prohibit a real time SCA, the healthcare provider may be approached prior to payment for care.

How it works

HEOPS contracts with payors to either provide real time or retrospective SCA negotiations with Business Rules established by the payor. HEOPS is notified by the Client lead either electronically or telephonically then an SCA order is generated and the negotiation process begins with the provider.

Upon completion, all materials are scanned and returned electronically to the payor for processing. HEOPS maintains back up documentation on all negotiated SCA.


Based upon the Business Rules and complexity, cost models can be flexed to meet Client requirements and may involve one or more of the following methodologies:

  • Per Agreement
  • Percentage of Savings
  • Time and Materials.

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Latest News:

“Cowboys vs. Scientists”: HEOPS Sponsors Innovative Network Contracting Congress in Las Vegas February 25, 2010 (Las Vegas, NV) Approximately 100 delegates from many of the nation’s top health plans and key provider organizations met in Las Vegas for the inaugural 2010 Network Contracting Congress on February 25, 2010. This premier network contracting event was organized by Global Media Dynamics and sponsored by HEOPS.

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