HEOPS is a market innovator and leader in “expedited network development”; a term coined in 2002 and defined as “time and project specific results oriented network development activities compressed into a micro timeframe”.  HEOPS’ processes enhance the probability of often improbable requirements if initiated under typical organizational constraints.
Bottom-line… HEOPS delivers.

Speed and Results.

At HEOPS, our network development approach is different from internal client initiatives due to a unique fusion of direct response techniques, tactical strategies, geographical and dispersion analysis and intensity of applied resources. HEOPS is prepared to gear up and down in 24 – 48 hours, modify direction on the fly, and provide both tactical and strategic guidance.

Out of the gate there are immediate results, no need to hire and train resources, no increase to salary wage and benefits and no unnecessary resources post project completion.

Relevant Experience and Innovative Approach:

HEOPS has significant relationships in both the provider and payor arenas that create leverage, insight and the ability to deliver promised results.  We fully recognize the difference between recruitment and sales and coupled with strong direct response and data management techniques utilize a proven approach to meet client objectives.

HEOPS has delivered interactive forms and technology driven processes which shorten development timeframes and lower costs. HEOPS utilizes secure intra/extranets for Client Project Management and has a proprietary Network Development system NED for the aggregation and sharing of provider recruitment data in real time.

Commitment of Seasoned, Key Personnel:

In recognition of the strategic requirements of the defined project, HEOPS will provide access to a combination of seasoned, key personnel (executives with 15-25 years experience across the niches of healthcare and technology) and development specialists trained in HEOPS direct response protocols and techniques. We use a combination of employees and independent contractors and will hire local talent as needed to “warm” markets.

Creativity and vision, “out-of-the-box” thinking, business strategies in a cost contained environment:

HEOPS lives by the mantra that the only limitation is “imagination”. There is an unlimited combination and variations of strategy and approaches, HEOPS will assist in bringing forth creative ideas and best practices/successes from across the nation and from other industries to ensure that your endeavor is successful. Customer service is critical; our goal is to initiate and advance your brand and the provider relationship prior to hand off of the relationship to the implementation team.


Based upon the Business Rules and complexity, cost models can be flexed to meet Client requirements and may involve one or more of the following methodologies:

  • Fixed Fee
  • Joint Venture
  • Time and Materials.

Need More Information?

Contact Nancy Everitt via email or at 866-887-3677 for more information.


A leader, once convinced that a particular course of action is the right one, must….be undaunted when the going gets tough. — Ronald Reagan

Latest News:

“Cowboys vs. Scientists”: HEOPS Sponsors Innovative Network Contracting Congress in Las Vegas February 25, 2010 (Las Vegas, NV) Approximately 100 delegates from many of the nation’s top health plans and key provider organizations met in Las Vegas for the inaugural 2010 Network Contracting Congress on February 25, 2010. This premier network contracting event was organized by Global Media Dynamics and sponsored by HEOPS.

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